Historic Trades Workshop: Leggers, Indian Stockings, Mitasse, Moccasins, Indian Sock, and Souliers

In this two day workshop, learn about native footwear and legwear as adopted by French and English military forces in the French & Indian War. The first day will focus on building buckskin Mocassins in the vamp style adopted for winter wear with snowshoes by French, British, and colonial soldiers alike. The second day participants in the workshop will build either French style mitasse native styled leggings, or the British army’s version described as Leggers in the diary of Captain Knox in 1758. Moccasins and Leggings kits included; Cost $140. Advanced reservations required. For further details or to make a reservation contact Stuart Lilie, Director of Interpretation at 518-585-6190 or SLilie@fort-ticonderoga.org


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