Amended America

To the Times of Ti:

We’ve just entered into a new America, an amended America.

We are in danger of losing more rights within the next four years than any other time in history.

The new amended America is all about supporting the minority, while degrading Christians, and making the Constitution null and void all together.

The world bankers are controlling this far left liberal agenda to bring about a one world government. We see this already with the UN gun restriction, forced health care which leads to Socialism, Marxism, totalitarianism and eugenics.

Freedom of speech is already being quenched. I've stated this in a previous letter a few years ago.

With all the regulations, restrictions and mandates, and with most of the media controlling the masses for the sake of globalism we’re left with an amended America.

This is not the America that I have ever known, nor is it the America my ancestors came to and fought for.

I used to say wake up America, but America cannot awake because it has been infected with the gimme syndrome, other symptoms include greed and corruption. If not treated soon it can be terminal for our country.

If you don’t believe the government controls and over regulates our lives, please consider these facts. The state dictates how much, and where we can walk, hunt, fish, hike, camp, guns and ammo control , approval of all licenses, diplomas and degrees, forced health care, mandated vaccinations, birth certificates, Social Security cards and death certificates. From cradle to grave Uncle Sam has us covered, cause we’re too stupid to think for ourselves, or at least that's what they’d have us believe.

Does this really sound like the land of the free? Of course not! It's more like the land of the repressed and over regulated.

This new amended America is only gonna get worse. How much longer before it implodes on us or we take a stand to stop it?

Chad Jordon, Ticonderoga

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