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To the Times of Ti:

While Medicare became a law, passed by congress and signed by Lyndon Johnson, the original idea was, in my opinion, a novel plan that President John Kennedy was pursuing before he was killed. I have always felt that this was true for he had the courage, the intelligence, the vision and the compassion for all the people to envisage a course of action like this for all of us forever. 

However, talk about Medicare may also continue forever and I will talk about Medicare if I am fortunate enough to be able to try for the seat in congress from the 21st district, New York next year. 

I would like to mention something that I think is interesting and that is the fact that I mentioned to the powers at be last year, that in my opinion many months before the actual election on Nov. 6, 2012, that representative Bill Owen, would win re-election. It certainly is not that God gave me special knowledge, it is just that I looked at things from a different angle. 

Something else that also could be looked at from a different angle is the fact that women in the country of Egypt are not treated as equals for they are granted little or no rights in Egypt by the new government in Egypt. 

All women in America can just have a “state of mind” opposing and money and war material our government gives Egypt now. 

If there are those who would like to emphasize  this “state of mind” by some sort of physical or tangible organization then there is, of course, the instituto cardenal, where upon I am only the spokesman, temporary and on acting director with respect to the many other issues that we encounter on a daily basis. 

Incidentally, (in five syllables) the state government presented a budget today and if I were running for that office next year I would ask that at least a million or two be set aside for a field of study that might find a way to address the $63 billion debt New York state has now. 

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