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Simba - North Country SPCA

Simba - North Country SPCA

Is your furry friend suffering from the Winter doldrums? If your pet seems bored or stir crazy from the long winter months, the ASPCA has a few tips to keep him entertained. You can read more about these, and other pet care tips, on their website aspca.org. This site has a wealth of helpful information and is worth a visit.

The ASCPA's "virtual pet behaviorist" explains that boredom can be a real problem for your pets, leading them sometimes to pursue ways of entertaining themselves that may not be in harmony with the rest of the household. If your dog or cat is gnawing on shoes, raiding the garbage, scratching furniture, or barking or meowing incessantly, try a few of these tips. 1) Exercise- Healthy dogs need at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise every day. If you share time with your pet going for a run or playing in a park, you will both reap the benefits. For cats, a good game of chase-the-string or what's-under-the-blanket is always enjoyable. 2) Structured games - such as fetch or tug-of-war can teach your pet impulse control and strengthen their bond with you. 3) Toys - dogs enjoy toys that are a puzzle, as well as anything they can chew on. Cats especially enjoy empty paper bags, small balls or furry mice. 4) Teach your pet tricks! Both dogs and cats can learn new skills with practice and patience.

Our featured pet this week is Simba, a coal-black, Domestic Medium-Hair/mix Halloween cat who came to the shelter with his brother Cocoa. Simba and his brother are about a year old, and still full of plenty of kittenish mischief and antics! They adore attention and will do anything to get you to notice them, including grabbing you with a paw if you walk by their cage without noticing them. Simba has a wonderful, rumbling purr that he loves to show off. If you are looking to add some comic relief to your life, then Simba is the perfect feline for you! If you have a little extra room in your home, why not consider adopting BOTH Simba and Cocoa?

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