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Tilly - North Country SPCA

Have you been considering adopting a pet from an animal shelter, but have concerns about whether that animal will has a history of abuse or behavior problems? While is is true that many of the pets who arrive at the shelter come from a previous environment of abuse or neglect, many shelter animals were also previously loved and pampered family members. Due to a family move, financial concerns, or death of a pet owner, there is no longer a place in the home for the beloved pet, and they are sadly brought to the shelter to find a new forever home.

For the pets who come to the shelter with histories of abuse or neglect, they can often become loving and adoptable pets through gentle care and patience. I am a former "foster parent" of an adult cat, Oscar, who had been horribly mistreated prior to coming to the shelter, and had been adopted - and returned - several times due to aggressive biting behavior. With a few months of gentle treatment and persistance, his aggression faded and I eventually adopted Oscar. In talking to other former foster parents of shelter dogs and cats, I have found that it is very rarely the case that a dog or cat, no matter their history, is truly "unadoptable." It's truly amazing what kindness can do!

Our featured pet today is Tilly, a black Labrador Retriever/mix mama who was found wandering around searching for her puppies, which were never found. Tilly has now been spayed and received veterinary care; this sweet young lady is ready to go to her forever home. She loves to play with other dogs, although she is very vocal when first meeting them! Tilly has a gentle, playful personality and would love to be part of an active family, especially one with children. She would make a great new best friend.

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