Appreciative of hospital

To the Times of Ti:

My sons and I are from out of town and we were visiting my Father and Brother living in Port Henry and Moriah. My father, both brothers, myself, my two sons and my nephew all have Hereditary Angioedema or HAE. My youngest son had a bad attack on the way back from Plattsburgh. I brought him to the ER that night and I was dreading the usual questions and nonbelief of what we were prepared to deal with in explaining this disease. Your RN Kristi Mars asked immediately for an explanation of what she would be dealing with. We explained what the disease can affect, hands, feet, abdominal swell or even a throat swell. She performed her duties with utmost respect for the patient and was trying to help relief some of the stress. PA Jim Lepiscopo was informed and he followed through with getting the meds administered in a timely manner. HAE was discussed and these two individuals listened attentively and made us feel as part of the team caring for my son. This was by far our best experience in an ER for this condition ever. We are so grateful for how we were treated and the attention we received. A nightmare that we usually deal with at the ER was a very pleasant experience that helped to also provide information to your staff in case of any future cases that may be seen there. We wish to sincerely thank these two outstanding healthcare professionals.

William and Kyle Harrington

Sierra Vista, Ariz.

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