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Matt Funiciello (G) | Candidate Column

In this congressional race, three candidates (maybe four) will be on the ballot.

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Did you attend a county fair this year?

On the Street

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Crossbow comments | Conservation Conversations

The crossbow will be a legal hunting tool this fall, and has really stirred up the hornets’ nest.

Editorial thought provoking

Your recent editorial about the expense of quarantining two American victims of Ebola virus was thought provoking.

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Antique and Tag Sale | North Country SPCA

We at the NCSPCA hope you are all enjoying the dog days of summer and taking advantage of some of the gorgeous weather we’ve been having to take your furry friends out for a walk, some fun in the sun, and some fresh mountain air.

Troutopia | Notes from the North Woods

Troutopia is a new sporting term that I recently coined.

Yet another roadblock to the ACRP project

Invasive species, like the spread of deadly algal blooms, has dominated headlines this summer.

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Aaron Woolf (D) | Candidate Column

It’s a tremendous honor to be running for United States Congress from our beautiful and diverse district and it is a particular honor to present my candidacy in this publication. 

Car show raffle winners named

Thank you to all those who sold and purchased Car Show Raffle tickets to support the Chamber and our continued efforts to serve, market, and promote our members and the Ticonderoga Area!

Support the Strand

For several months we have been asking members of the Schroon Lake community to support the “Go Digital or Go Dark” campaign for the digital conversion of the Strand Theatre.

250th a success

Ticonderoga, the first 250 Years Committee cosponsored by the Ticonderoga Historical Society and the Ticonderoga Heritage Museum would like to thank all who took part in our week-long celebration to mark the 250th anniversary of Ticonderoga’s settlement.

Responds to letters

Two letters in the Times of Ti Aug. 2 edition caught my attention.

Upset with coverage, editorial

I suggest that before you publish the editorial, you do the research for the correct facts.

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Karen Bisso (R) Plattsburgh 115th Assembly District | Candidate Column

We are at a critical time in our state and in our nation.