Supervisors: Accept the bid!

There is a right way to conduct business and a wrong way.

What’s behind the curtain | Thoughts from Behind the Pressline

Many years ago when I was a junior in high school, I needed to earn a letter in one more sport before I could earn my coveted Varsity Club Jacket.

Talent wanted: residency not required

The race to replace Congressman Bill Owens (D-Plattsburgh), the well-liked two-termer who announced his retirement in January, has grown putrid.

Minimum wage: Where they stand

After decades of dormancy, the labor movement seems to be finally stirring.

It’s time to turn things around | Thoughts from Behind the Pressline

A column about a Hollywood movie star is not generally a subject you would expect to see in one of my columns nor the subject of a conversation I might have with you if we met.

Race against the rails

Yes, we are a reactionary society, yelling at the top of our lungs about what is happening right now.

To frack or not to frack?

Politicians have a knack for skirting issues which might cost them votes at the ballot box, or worse, campaign dollars on the road to election.

A job well done is worth doing | Thoughts from Behind the Pressline

A recent survey by the website CareerCast.com came up with a list of the 10 most desirable careers and rounded out the report with the 10 worst careers.

Schools need fresh ideas

While North County school districts received a small degree of relief with last month’s state budget figures that announced a $602 million reinstatement of the state aid that school officials say is crucial to maintaining education programs for their students, and an overall fund increase of $1.1 billion, we feel as if more needs to be done to explore more creative ways of bridging the budget shortfalls that continue to plague districts.

A kinder, gentler time | Thoughts from Behind the Pressline

According to a new Rasmussen Survey a mere 9 percent of likely U.S. Voters think it would be better for the country if most of the incumbents were reelected this fall.

Recalls and take downs

Toyota has been through it: lawyers smelling blood in the water, injured consumers, and those going for the gold by signing on to class-action lawsuits.

Kickin’ back | Thoughts from Behind the Pressline

In the community newspaper business there is never a good time to get away from the office and just kick back and relax.

T.R. and the hyphenated American

During the final three years of his life, former U.S. President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt (R) gave considerable thought to the waves of European immigrants which were sweeping the nation; they had started in the mid-19th century and continued through the opening decades of the 1900s.

Opinions, freedom, rights and wrongs | Thoughts from Behind the Pressline

I’ve never considered myself an opinionated person. The unfortunate part of drafting an “opinion piece” each week is that you become opinionated or at the very least are labeled as such.