Letters to the Editor


Essex County supers should represent all citizens

After reading the enlightened guest editorial in your Jan. 10 issue condemning your earlier editorial that called for abolishing Protect the Adirondacks because of its opposition to the Adirondack Club & Resort project in Tupper Lake, I was happy to read Dan Alexander’s apology on the same page.

Supers ‘irresponsible’

The Essex County Board of Supervisors support of this paper’s editorial call for banning Protect The Adirondacks is hugely irresponsible.

Protect what?

When I think of protecting the Adirondacks, many problems and questions come to mind regarding our Adirondack communities including; employment, resident retention, economic viability, sustainability, the environment, and our future.

Bauer’s voice “intelligent and courageous”

The recent editorial calling for the dissolution of “Protect the Adirondacks” was unnecessarily harsh and unprofessional in the personal nature of the Adirondack Journal’s attack on that organization and its executive director, Peter Bauer.

Letter was polarizing

Bill Coats, production manager at Denton Publications and author of the recent racist, inflammatory, and polarizing letter to the editor, draws his information from The New Century Foundation and its publication, American Renaissance.

Anti-fracking editorial betrays the working class

I enclose this statement by the Science and Environmental Policy Project (SEPP) for your consideration:

Why no ads in NY by Rail?

I recently spent most of the holidays taking public transportation around New York as my car went down two weeks ago.

Amen to editorial

In regards to your editorial on “Banishing Protect”, I say a grateful AMEN.

“Shocked, saddened and dismayed” by editorial

I just returned from a trip to Canada and found the Dec. 27 issue of Valley News waiting for me at the Post Office.

Abolish editorial board

Having a “hometown” newspaper that is free is nice – but it has one large draw back: you can’t cancel your subscription in disgust at a ridiculously insulting editorial.

Supports county’s cemetery acquisition efforts

This is to support the Essex County Board of Supervisor’s unanimous decision to take back ownership of the Essex County Home Cemetery in Whallonsburg, NY.

Cemetery issue presents a moral imperative

Reading about the controversy in your pages over the disposition of the cemetery across NYS Route 22 from the former Essex County Home in the town of Essex raises a number of questions.

Amen to editorial

In regards to your editorial on “Banishing Protect”, I say a grateful AMEN.

Dr. Summers recognizes community

I would like to thank the community for the warm welcome back they have provided through the opening months of my office.

No one is above the law

In rebuttal to Mr. Irv West Thurman, Letters to the Editor, Dec. 20, 2014 issue I was amazed at his anger and confused by it.