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Survivor, night 2

8:20 So far, Sophie has not been on screen and it is 8:20 p.m. I am with my wife in Willsboro watching the show and we are joined tonight by Sophie's father, Thurston. I'll post here as the night goes on.

8:25 Three segments down and still no Sophie. Stay tuned, as they say.

8:26 The crowd roars as Sophie gets ready for a swim or to fish. The cowboy is still oogling the lingerie football player.

8:27 Another shot of Willsboro's star with a stick (?) and then talking with Coach.

8:30 Sophie walks in with her team for the next challenge. Tonight's lesson - eat that fruit stuff (pandera, I believe).

8:31 Sophie is part of the blue team in the competition, and America's favorite geek is on the red team. The crowd is rooting for Sophie.

8:33 Sophie's part is over, its up to the men, now as Sophie gives instruction and encouragement.

8:34 Sophie does not look happy as the red team wins the challenge, that means someone from her tribe will be voted off.

8:36 While we're in commercial, lets give some props to Sophie's hometown team. The Willsboro Warriors boys soccer team scored a 3-1 win against Chazy today. Yeah, I said Chazy... lost... 3-1... by two goals.... and they were down 3-0 in the first half. I have never seen Chazy beaten that badly - ever. Congrats to the Warriors, but be warned, the Eagles will not be a hospitable host the next time these two teams get together.

8:40 WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT!!!!!!!!!!!

8:41 The plan appears to be get rid of the ones that only care about immunity... unless they get to it first...

8:41 Sophie has Brandon read like a book. But I don't think he's threatened, I think he's interested, even though he just got married.

8:45 Sophie and coach going with the "amateur" smack talk. Love it.

8:46 Light that torch, Sophie.

8:47 Coach is trying to stir something up, but nonw of it has to do with Sophie, so that's a good thing as she flashes on screen.

8:48 Sophie shakes her head as a cat fight begins.

8:51 Brandon comes clean, kind of.

8:51 Sophie has not said one word and has just let everyone else jump down each others throats. Good way to play.

8:53 Sophie got a vote...

8:53 Christine is voted off. The question is, who voted for Sophie. I have a guess that it was an "experienced" player.

8:54 And that's the end of the show, but lets see the previews for next week...

8:58 Sophie voted for Stacy, I didn't get who voted for her. But that's the end of the show. See you next week.


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