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Dan13 1 year, 1 month ago

Reply to Mr. Moore's comments

I don't think anyone believes that Mr. Moore's autobiography is pertinent to the handling of the Frontier Town property. The fact still remains it has been neglected. As far as Mr. Moore's claim that he has sent workers to mow, cut brush, and cleanup around the A frame, It has absolutely no visable truth. Anyone driving by the A frame can see that none of this has happened in recent history. Now we can keep going on and on about this but facts are facts and opinions are opinions. George Moore bought the property in 2004 for around $45000 and put it up for sale immediately for $750,000, it's no wonder no one is interested in purchasing this property at such an incredibly inflated price. That was 10 years ago and again just take a look at the property. Mr. Moore, I respectively say that this is not and should no longer be, about you. It's about a small town's survival. You are a wealthy successful busnissman and we are a poor Adirondack town trying to survive. America should not be about lawsuits, it should be about it's people working together to benefit the community. Please drop your lawsuit against our small town and put a reasonable price on the A frame so it can actually be sold .

Dan Snyder North Hudson N.Y.


by Dan13


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